The Evening-Being Device (2005) - 10 minutes
Commissioned by Arraymusic as part of the 2005 Young Composers Workshop
for bass clarinet, vibraphone, piano and double bass

Programme Note
The Evening-Being Device was commissioned and premiered by Arraymusic as part of their Young Composers Workshop in 2005. It is a work that is concerned with beginnings. It is also a work about starting over. The opening phrase is repeated five times and each repetition is more insistent than the previous. But there is little sense of progression; each iteration of the material feels less like development and more like going over old ground, searching for something buried deep in the music. In this way, it is a hopeful piece. It answers failure by trying again, and trying harder, but never deviates from its original plan.

Performance History
May 29, 2005 - Arraymusic, The Music Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada
June 22, 2008 - The Nodus Ensemble, Miami Art Museum, Miami, FL, USA