Panufnik Variations (2012) - 25 minutes
Commissioned by the London Symphony Orchestra
with Colin Matthews, Max De Wardener, Evis Sammoutis, Toby Young, Elizabeth Winters, Larry Goves, Raymond Yiu, Anjula Semmens and Edmund Finnis
for orchestra

Panufnik Legacies II

One sensed the guiding hand of Colin Matthews behind the neat way each variation dovetailed into the next, and the shrewd way the first three variations (by Matthews himself, Max de Wardener and Evis Sammoutis) prolonged the energy of that massive opening, while making their own expressive point. The accumulated momentum set us up nicely for the more ruminative, disparate variations that followed. From the haze of beautifully crafted, endlessly varied sounds certain things linger in my memory: Raymond Yiu’s Broadway-tinged sauciness, Christopher Mayo’s melancholy bassoon trio, the fascinating accumulation of dark, hazy colours in Larry Goves’s variation. The ninth variation from Anjula Semmens was the most striking, burgeoning out from its pastoral-oboe beginnings in a surprising and thought-provoking way.
- Ivan Hewitt, The Telegraph (April 15, 2013)

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Performance History
April 13, 2013 - London Symphony Orchestra, François-Xavier Roth, conductor, Barbican Hall, London, UK